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JCL Management has been managing properties since 2003 and currently the Management Company servicing Pilot Cove Manor. JCL Management focuses on providing the utmost professionalism and accommodates each and every tenant to their individual needs.

JCL Management works hard to make Pilot Cove Manor a pleasant and enjoyable living environment. 
There is a 24-7 superintendent on site along with porters and super assistants who maintain the Building Monday – Friday. 



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Here at Pilot Cove Manor, we care about the health and safety of our tenants and work hard to establish and protect a healthy, happy living community. Our housing offers 130 Units. We accommodate 124 one-bedroom apartments and 6 two-bedroom apartments. Our building is protected by a 24/7 security system that ensures the safety of our residents. Pilot Cove Manor is also a smoke-free building that ensures the health of all our tenants and is strictly enforced.

Defining Project Eligibility

Project Eligibility establishes whether applicants are eligible to reside in the specific property to which they are applying. Pilot Cove Manor has units designed to serve elderly persons 62 years of age or older. There are 13 units that are fully accessible to individuals 18 years or older with mobility impairments.  Reasonable accommodations may be requested by contacting the main office to further service such a request. The Occupancy Standards listed below take into consideration not only family type, but also family size and what unit sizes are available.  It is possible that a family might be eligible for subsidy under HUD’s requirements but would not be eligible under the unit size requirements of this particular property.

Unit Size and Occupancy Standards

When applying to Pilot Cove Manor, the appropriately sized unit must be in the unit configuration within the development. Units are assigned according to family size and composition. If the appropriate unit size is not available at the time of application, the applicant will be put on a waiting list. To avoid overcrowding, and to be consistent, we have adopted the following occupancy standards:

 Unit Size                                                           Minimum                                           Maximum

1-Bedroom                                                                1                                                           2

2-Bedroom                                                               2                                                           2     


How to Obtain and Application

All persons wishing to be admitted to the property, or placed on the property’s waiting list, must complete an application. When the waiting list is open applications will be accepted by one of the previous ways; by mail, by email, by in person drop off during office hours, online through a fillable form on our website, and by drop box location.

How to Submit an Application:

  1. Applications can be submitted online through this website (see Apply Now on the Top right tab)
  2. Applications may be submitted by mail to our office addressed to:
    1. JCL Management LLC 160 Pilot St. Bronx, NY 10464
  3. Applications may be dropped off in person at the main office during our office hours. 
  4. Applications may be submitted in a Drop Box located in the main entrance of this building, designated for applications only. We consider using this option only on weekends or weekdays before 10AM and after 4PM, when the office is closed.
  5. Applications may be submitted by email as well to: info@pilotcovemanor.com.



Eligibility Screening Criteria for Applicants

Pilot Cove Manor uses the following screening criteria for all applicants:

  • Credit Check
    • Pilot Cove Manor will perform a credit check on all applicants through Tenant Screening Services, a pass/failure based on credit report findings and risk threshold established in Tenant Score Card.
  • Criminal Background
    • A criminal background check through Tenant Screening Services will be performed on every applicant.
  • Rental History
    • Through Tenant Screening Services, Pilot Cove Manor will perform a rental history report including eviction reports and previous landlord verification.
  • Housekeeping/Home Visit
    • Management will perform a home visit of every prospective tenant to avoid admitting applicants who are unwilling or unable to comply with Pilot Cove Manors lease and housekeeping standards. Each home visit will be reported using a HUD approved Public Housing Verification Form.
  • Other Checks
    • Pilot Cove Manor will also obtain the following reports through Tenant Screening Services, such as SSN# Verification, Employment Verification and Driver’s License History.


For information pertaining to criminal records and/or rental history, please be aware that negative information does not automatically trigger a denial. Pilot Cove Manor will take into consideration the accuracy, nature, relevance and recency of negative information, and any mitigating circumstances. Records that demonstrate that the applicant prevailed against any allegations, or matters settled without either party admitting fault, will not be used to deny the applicant.

Pilot Cove Manor will notify any denied applicant with a written reason for the denial.

Any applicant may appeal denial with a written letter within ten calendar days of the initial letter of denial. After Management receives the letter of appeal, it will be taken into consideration by Management and a response will be provided.

Pilot Cove Manor is compliant with all Federal, State, and local fair housing and civil rights laws and with all equal opportunity requirements set forth in HUD’s administrative procedures. Housing discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability is illegal by federal law. If you have been trying to buy or rent a home or apartment and you believe your rights have been violated, you can file a fair housing complaint. Follow the link below for further information on how to file fair housing complaints.

File a Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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